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top priority

peace before everything

The most important thing you can have in your life is peace. Peace can mean something different for everyone, it’s all about how you define it. It can literally mean a lack of violence, which for some, is everything. If you grew up in a home or neighborhood where violence was present, finding a way to escape that violence is key to improving your life. Peace can also mean an inner peace. An acceptance of what your life is and an acknowledgement that there is only so much you can change. Find the peace you need to lay the groundwork for moving ahead in life.

god before anything

I’m not a very religious dude, at least in the church going sense. I do believe in something, however, which I think is very important. In no way will I preach anything on this point, but I do feel it’s a good idea to think about the possibility of something bigger out there. If maybe there was something, and maybe someday you had to look back on how you lived your life, would you be happy with how you did? Always think about this question as you encounter different situations, problems, relationships, people, jobs etc.

love before anything

When you find peace in your life, it allows you to find love. Without peace, you’ll never truly be able to love anything or anyone and feel that love in return. As you move through different stages of life, love can mean drastically different things. When you’re a kid, you (hopefully) love your parents. You might love a sport, you might even love a new toy you got for Christmas. As you mature, you’ll find that love is a much bigger thing than you ever thought, and it relates to not only yourself but to others. Love shifts from being about things that make you happy to being about things that make others happy. Never force love, just let it enter your life when it’s ready and when you’re ready. It’ll hit you someday and that will be a good day.

real before everything

It’s important to always remain true to yourself. Never fall victim to doing something because it’s cool or because you’re friends are doing it. Everything you do should genuinely interest you and everyone you associate with should be a part of your life because you truly want them to be. If you don’t remain true to yourself, you’ll never find peace in your life and never find the love that peace allows.

home before anyplace

I’m fortunate to have grown up in a very loving home. Family is one of the most important things you can have in life because the support of a loving family is necessary to deal with everything life is going to throw at you. You may not have grown up in an ideal home, but that does not mean you’re a lost cause. Family can mean many different things. Friends, partners, co-workers, mentors, anything. You do have family in your life, you just have to realize who that family is and that they will be there for you as you come across different hardships throughout your life.

life is good…as is mos def…

Mos Def – “Priority”



Boston is my home.


What happened recently at the Boston Marathon is beyond disgusting. For someone to take a beautiful day in a beautiful city and not only taint it forever, but take innocent people’s lives and hurt many, is just unbelievable. I grew up visiting this city with my family, went to school here and still visit almost on a weekly basis. A memory is always a fitting and meaningful tribute so here are a select few of my Boston memories.

Field trips to the Museum of Science. Boston Harbor Cruises. The Common. The Frog Pond. First Night. Memorial Drive views of the skyline. Northeastern life – great friends, great school, unforgettable experiences. Graduation. Growth. Running the Esplanade. Hating Storrow Drive. Reverse Curve (the Curse). Parallel parking. Little Stevie’s. Rooftop views of the city. Fenway Park. Scalping tickets to Cal Ripken’s last game at Fenway. Sitting in damn near every seat at Fenway. Two dogs and a beer at Fenway. World Series Celebrations. Shows at Fenway. Shows at the House of Blues. Shows at the Paradise. Shows at the Orpheum. That crazy dude who wants you to save your soul from the depths of hell. That other crazy dude who rides a bike year round screaming for no reason. Huntington Ave. The E Line. Comm Ave. The B Line. Ruggles. Hemenway. Our House. Conor Larkins. Newbury. Newbury Comics. Virgin. The JP Morgan Challenge. Sidebar. Foggy Goggle. Pour House. 4th of July. The Pru. GO SOX. Copley. Boylston. Patriots Day. The God Damn Boston Marathon.

I love Boston.

“I love life. Life is beautiful…it’s just the shit in it that’s fucked up.”


At a friend’s party not too long ago, I met the dude Jay Humble. We got to chatting and found that we were both huge hip-hop heads and beat junkies with similar styles and taste in music. I recommend you click on that name and give his music a listen.

While browsing on Facebook one day, I noticed Jay had posted a link to a mixtape by Mike Be called “..From DAT to This..” I got to listening and loved the vibe of the mixtape. Classic hip-hop, beats and chops. One track stood out for me called “Excuse Me.”

“I know today ain’t what it should be, but we can change what tomorrow will bring. Fast pace cause the waste is a horrible thing, excuse me while I follow my dreams.”

Think about that line. Everyone has their own dreams and goals. Unfortunately, everyone also has their own problems and has to face the reality that’s given to them. It takes understanding that you’re not alone when you face some hardship to get you through it. Everyone is going through the same struggle, and for most of us, we’re not totally happy with some aspect of our lives. The best way to deal with that is to focus on the things you can change and do something about it.

Today paints a picture of everything you’ve done in the past. If there are certain aspects of your life you’re not necessarily happy with, there may have been something different you could have done that would have made today a bit different. If you’re still at a job you’re not happy with, you could have worked a bit harder to move to a position you would like, or you could have put in some effort searching for a new job. If you’re not in an ideal physical or mental shape, you probably could have found some time to hit the gym or read a bit more to get you to that place you want to be.

Tomorrow paints a picture of where you want to be, a picture of those dreams and goals. “We can change what tomorrow will bring” so stay hungry and shift to “fast pace cause the waste is a horrible thing.” Follow your dreams and paint the picture that you will look back on and be proud of.



I’ve found that one of the most important traits of highly successful people is honesty. Honesty in every facet of your life, whether it be personal relationships, work relationships or the relationship with yourself.

It all starts with the relationship you have with yourself. In order to find happiness in life, you have to be honest. Be honest about what makes you happy and who makes you happy. Never live your life according to what other people tell you because at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to deal with the situation. Try and weed out the things in your life that don’t truly make you happy. Once you can be honest with yourself, the rest will fall into place.

The boys at Jamla know what’s up…

Sean Boog – “One, Two, Three”

“I’m on my for real, like ’til I hold a mil, I don’t tell em what they wanna hear, I tell em what I feel.”

Back When




A clean slate.

Endless possibilities.

The start of something is always exciting. It could be anything from a new hobby to a new job to a new relationship. If you’re an artist, it may be a new song, new photograph or new painting. Any way you look at it, the start represents a whole new beginning. The past can be overlooked, the present is in focus and the future is bright.

Witnessing the creation of art or hearing the story of how a particular artist got their start is something I’ve always found motivating and inspiring. There’s something about hearing artists tell their story that makes me feel like I have the chance to do something important, regardless of where I am in my own life.

Look to different art forms as possibilities for you to start your own life, your own journey. Listen to a song and realize that an artist telling their story might as well represent you telling yours. Look to a photograph and see a sunrise as the sun rising on the next chapter of your life.

As it’s said in Nas’s “Back When,” “They love to hear the story how it all got started.” Tell the world your story.