Monthly Archives: August 2014

Life Breeds Life

I’ve recently had the pleasure of expanding my new family by welcoming a puppy into the fold. I had always wanted a puppy while growing up, but I can see now why my parents may have been a bit hesitant. It’s been about a month now and it’s been no easy task getting this guy up and running. For hardworking parents of two young boys, it certainly would not have been an easy situation given the amount of time and attention a puppy really needs to grow into a respectful and well behaved pup.

The past month has been a great learning experience for my little family. It’s already clear to see that a puppy, just like a baby, is a direct product of their environment. A calm, respectful environment breeds just that. On the other hand, a loud, disrespectful environment will do the same.

When something is done “wrong,” and it is met with anger or frustration, I’ve often seen that the action is repeated again and again. I don’t really know if the reason for this is that my pup doesn’t understand where the anger comes from and what point I’m trying to get across, or if he simply doesn’t like my reaction and feels disobeying me on purpose is more satisfying.

Rather than react this way when not approving of certain actions, I’ve found that reinforcing the positive actions is having a great result. Slowly but surely, the little guy is learning and he’s even becoming more affectionate as we continue to show more love. Simply ignoring, or calmly readjusting the negative and reinforcing the positive is much easier said than done, especially when you have some barking right in your face…but this is not just a helpful tip for raising a dog.

Apply this same theory to other parts of your life. If there are negative things going on in your life, ignore them…they will go away. Why would someone continue to bring negative actions around you if you simply don’t care and don’t react to their actions? They probably won’t waste their time and they’ll move on to the next person that will show them some attention. If it’s not possible to completely ignore, calmly readjust the negative actions. Try to meet every negative with some kind of positive. This will cancel out the negative and eventually, win it over.

This theory can be applied to so many things in life. Work, relationships, health, creativity, productivity, whatever it may be…think back to the simple lesson of raising a puppy. Embrace the positive things in your life and you’ll see things get better and better. Just expect a few accidents on the floor or some barking along the way…

My man 50 knows what’s up too…