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Self Titled

Welcome to the world of Broken Down & Hungry.

You may hear the name of this site and think it’s about someone down on their luck, looking for a place to vent. I’m sure there are a million blogs out there that serve this purpose, but what’s the fun in reading about someone else’s problems? I’ve got a different take on the phrase…

Broken Down

Everything in life has meaning, and that meaning can be different for every single person in the world. For instance, I can listen to a song and hear one thing, while you can listen to the same song and hear something completely different. What is important is that each person takes the time to fully appreciate what they’re listening to. On the surface, it might just sound like a cool guitar riff or a nice voice, but underneath all that is much more. What else is there? That’s up to you to decide. Spend some time, think about what you’re listening to, break down each part of it and I guarantee you will find something meaningful you can take and apply to your own life. Of course, music is only one of a million examples this can be done with.


The most important thing you can do in life is to stay hungry. Hungry for knowledge, love, friendship, money, whatever. If you don’t stay hungry, you lose the desire to better your life and the lives of those around you. Sure, there are plenty of times when you’d rather just be lazy and watch some tv instead of reading a book or finishing some work, but it’s important to try and limit these times and opt to make your life better. The motivation and inspiration needed to make that choice is really where this blog comes in.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Take it all in, break it down and find something of meaning that you can apply to your own life. Use this as the motivation and inspiration to stay hungry and continue to better your life.