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Comfort Zone


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One of the hardest things to do in life is to step outside your comfort zone. We all like to be around people that we know well and do things that we’re very comfortable with. Being comfortable is a great feeling and one that you should be sure to enjoy when you have it. If we never stray from always seeking comfort, however, our growth will stagnate and over time, you will be less likely to accept new challenges. You will find yourself being comfortable, but never reaching your true potential. For some that is OK…for others, that is not an easy truth to accept. I tend to fall in the latter group.

Take time to reflect on your life and what you’ve accomplished to this point. Is that enough for you? Do you think you can achieve more? If you think you can, then you can. One way to start down the path of continued growth is to find ways of taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Seek new challenges at work and in your personal life. Doing new things will surely bring about fear, anxiety and a general feeling of being uncomfortable. As you learn more about these new experiences, however ,you will find that there is nothing to be afraid of. Knowledge overcomes fear and will lead to strength. In time, you will look back and be grateful that you accepted new challenges. You will realize that stepping out of your comfort zone has made you a stronger person, one that has overcome fear and replaced it with an excitement for becoming a better person in life.

“By deliberately putting yourself in situations where you have to face fear, you familiarize yourself with it and your anxiety grows less acute. The sensation of overcoming a deep-rooted fear in turn gives you confidence and presence of mind. The more conflicts and difficult situations you put yourself through, the more battle-tested your mind will be.” (Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War)

Ain’t nobody been where I’ve been…

They’re at a standstill…

I know that I ain’t got much time here…

Nas – “Let There Be Light”



Laws of Power

I came across Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power” last summer and was blown away. In his book, Greene describes 48 “laws” that various figures throughout history have displayed that led them to a position of power. While reading it, I found there were a number of different “laws” I could apply to my everyday life. Sure, I’m not (literally) fighting any battles or involved in politics, but these lessons can be applied to just about anything if you frame it correctly. He gets pretty detailed so if you’d like hear some more about what Greene thinks, I strongly recommend picking up the book on Amazon.

The book led me to Greene’s blog, Power, Seduction and War. Here, I came across a speech that he gave at Yale (I think it took place in late 2010 according to the post date). There are plenty of things to take away from the speech, but here’s one part I found really interesting:

“It’s all material. Everything that happens is material. Material for a book. Material for a novel, for a screenplay. I want to be the master observer of this world.”

This line fits the vibe of this blog perfectly. To observe the world is to learn about the world. To learn about the world is to learn about people. To learn about people is to learn about the relationships between people, including yourself. This can open many doors…Observing can help improve the relationships in your life, whether you’re looking to improve the relationship with a loved one or make a change at work. Observe how people are acting around you and how different actions can lead to different results. Learn from these observations and use that to improve your own life.

On a creative note, these observations can lead to inspiration for anything. Like Greene says, “a book…a screenplay.” Art is life and in order to create art, one must observe life. If you do have a creative side to you and ever find yourself hitting a wall, go outside and observe life. The smallest thing can lead to a thought, which can lead to a feeling, which can lead to a memory, which can lead to a lyric, etc. Keep your eyes and ears open. Become the “master observer” of your world.

The full transcript of Robert Greene’s Yale speech referenced above can be found here.

An mp3 of the speech can be found here.